70 Books for Your 2022 from My 2021 Reads

Stephen L M Heiner
20 min readJan 8, 2022
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Around this time last year I posted an article sharing some of the best books I’d come across in a year of lockdowns. I was surprised to have read 150 books in 2020, but I chalked it up to having little to no social life. Then 2021 came around, and used to the amount of reading I had been doing in the previous year along with no international travel, I ended up reading 200 books.

There were certain patterns I saw emerging as I categorized my reads for your perusal. For example, I’ve almost completely lost interest in personal development and business books. This is due to being very happy with where I am personally and professionally; I’ve felt no need to go in search of “life hacks” or “business tips” to grow my ventures. “Steady as she goes” has been my motto for the last two years and that’s freed up time to focus on other areas that matter far more to me.

One of those areas has been sharing my love for books, hence I launched a Patreon for book reviews. You can see some of those book reviews on my YouTube channel.

I hope your 2022 is full of insightful, life-changing, and fun reads and I hope this list will give you at least one or two books to add to your list for this year.

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Lies and Scams

While I’ve consistently been fascinated by the scams and lies that we as a society tend to buy into, as lies about masks and variants spread throughout the world I found myself only reading more about how easily most of us are duped, even (and perhaps especially) the brightest and best around.

Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini This book lives firmly within the “humans are not rational actors by any stretch of the imagination” genre which you may have previously enjoyed in Thinking, Fast and Slow, The Black Swan, Freakonomics, and Win Bigly. This classic text is packed full of ways we are constantly influenced and tips for how to better prepare and resist those influences (if we want to). My Goodreads review. My video review.

Panama Papers: How the World’s Rich & Powerful Hide Their Money by Bastian Obermayer & Frederick Obermaier As…



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